The change Liberals need in 2020

Jan 01,2020

Happy New Year from Team Mitzie! We’re excited to write to you as co-chairs for Mitzie Hunter, one of the leading contenders for our party’s leadership.

After the wake-up call of the 2018 election, this past year was a year of reflection and of realizations for Liberals. We had to take a hard look at our party – and to understand where, when, and why Ontarians felt that we were not listening.

That process has made us stronger and brought us some strong candidates for our party’s leadership.

Among those candidates, we believe MPP Mitzie Hunter is the change we need.

Mitzie’s life is a story of defying the odds. She and her family first arrived in Pickering, in the 1970s with very little, and then settled in Scarborough, but they had an unshakable belief in education and hard work as the path to achieving their dreams.

Mitzie went on to earn senior roles in the private and non-profit sectors before becoming one of Ontario’s most respected and successful ministers of education.

She is one of only two leadership candidates who was elected in 2018. She’s inspired Liberals with the way she’s taken on Doug Ford – in the Legislature and in communities across Ontario.

Liberals are listening – and responding – by the thousands.

Mitzie’s campaign has generated 2,500 new members for the party, and we’ve raised more than $200,000 from grassroots supporters in every region. Mitzie has visited over 80 ridings and signed up more than 500 volunteers. Many of these people are young, which excites us as we work to re-energize our party with new voices, faces, and ideas.

What does Mitzie stand for? So many things that make us proud.

As MPP, she’s tackled the issue of gun violence as a public health concern. As Liberal Finance Critic, Mitzie responded to Ford’s cancellation of the Hamilton light rail project, and went to Hamilton to voice her support for transit that connects people to jobs and housing.

As a former Minister of Education, Mitzie has stood with our teachers, students, and parents as they demand fairness and support for high standards in public education. She has vowed to restore all of the funding cut by the Ford government and to go further with new investments to get our students, and our province, ready for the future.

We’re in this to win – not just the leadership race, but the next election.

Will you help us? Here’s how:

There’s a place for you on this team. Let’s make 2020 the year that brings real change to our party – and our province.

With sincere thanks,

Asma Bala and Ian Troop
Co-Chairs, Mitzie Hunter Leadership Campaign