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MPP Mitzie Hunter sees the future of manufacturing in Windsor

Dec 13,2019

December 13, 2019

MPP Mitzie Hunter sees the future of manufacturing in Windsor


TORONTO, ON – On December 12, 2019, MPP Mitzie Hunter participated in the second debate of the Ontario Liberal Leadership campaign that was held in Windsor, Ontario.

“I would like to reinforce with you what my vision is for this region and expand on areas that I was unable to discuss in depth during the debate. I am very passionate about the automotive industry and the immense role that Ontario plays. I have led a technology incubator and view Windsor, and the surrounding area, as a prime location for major economic growth. The goal of my government would be to assist the region to realize this potential. Windsor, along with Sarnia, is located in the middle of a super-cluster.”

The Windsor-Sarnia region ranks as the 3rd largest Machine, Tool, Die and Mould Industry in the world, behind Germany and South Korea. It is also the 2nd largest national automotive jurisdiction in North America. More than 25% of employment in this region is tied to the automotive sector and this accounts for 30% of the GDP for the region.

MPP Hunter’s plan recognizes that there are also immense opportunities in the technological, advanced manufacturing and automotive sectors to create jobs of the future in Ontario, particularly with the many semi- and highly-skilled workers in Windsor that are adaptable to the needs and demands of the industry.

“As leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, I will put people in place, within Cabinet, who will be focussed on removing the red tape that bogs this industry while ensuring we maintain a high standard of security and safety. There would also be support roles within my government that will coordinate with post-secondary institutions, colleges, and trade schools in an effort to excel growth within this space and prepare students for the jobs of the jobs of the future. The 401 corridor, from Toronto to Windsor, is a massive innovation job corridor. Evolving greener environment with responsive electrical vehicles will provide the mobility that we need for a greener economy, something that is important to Ontarians, and the people of Windsor, as it will aid with job creation.”

It is essential for the province to keep up with the changing technology within vehicles and the need to stay on top of regulations. As such, MPP Hunter’s plan also includes creating a role within government that will be responsible for remaining on top of these rapidly changing industries, with the ultimate goal of organizing a global summit in 2023, one year after entering office, focussing on the next generation of automotive mobility.

“I hope that you will join me on this journey to create advancements in these industries that will result in increased economic stability for the people of Windsor.”