Message of support from the Hon. Jean Augustine

Oct 08,2019


My name is Jean Augustine. I was a former federal Liberal Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister.

I am writing to let you know that I support Mitzie Hunter’s bid to become the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Mitzie is an experienced business person, community leader, cabinet minister, and bridge-builder. She’s proven that she knows how to fight, how to lead and how to win.

Just last week, she showed leadership in taking the fight directly to the Ford government by issuing an open letter to Premier Doug Ford calling him out for the chaos his government has caused in public education and on his decision not to recall the legislature so we can get back to work for the people of Ontario.

I think Ontario deserves better. Don’t you?

Mitzie’s vision for rebuilding the Ontario Liberal Party is focused on the future, not the past. She wants to create a Province that is affordable with more opportunities for everyone. Isn’t that what we elect our leaders to do?

Her vision includes:

  • Building a more modern and progressive Liberal Party with new faces, voices and ideas and listening to the party’s grass roots
  • Investing in students and reaching a 90% graduation rate
  • Making healthcare more affordable and accessible; providing more and better access to mental health support especially for youth
  • Ensuring Ontario remains competitive and affordable leading to more jobs and prosperity.

That’s the kind of future I want for Ontario. I share Mitzie’s vision. I think most people do.  Mitzie can turn that vision into action and that action into results but she needs our help to become leader of the Liberal Party so that she can defeat Doug Ford and the Conservatives in 2022.

You can help in 1 of 3 ways.

1. Donate to the Campaign

Your donation – from as a little as $5 to a maximum of $1600 – will go a long way to support Mitzie as she campaigns all across Ontario. All donors must be Ontario residents and donors will receive a tax credit up to 75% for your contribution.


2. Volunteer for Mitzie

Support Mitzie by hosting an event, making phone calls, contacting supporters via email, reaching out to your network and finding more supporters to help fundraise for her leadership bid.

3. Become a delegate for Mitzie

Become a delegate to vote for Mitzie at the Liberal Convention. This is how you can make Mitzie the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. To both vote and become a delegate, you must be a member of the Ontario Liberal Party by 6 pm on Monday, December 2.

I am proud to support Mitzie Hunter for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.  I’m With Mitzie!


Jean Augustine

PS: Would you please take a minute to encourage your friends to sign up for Mitzie’s email list? I’d love to have their voices added to the community we’re building.

Twitter: @MitzieHunter
Facebook: @MPPMitzieHunter

Authorized by CFO for Mitzie Hunter