Message of support from Alvin Curling, former Liberal MPP and Speaker of the Ontario Legislature

Dec 14,2019

Alvin CurlingMy name is Alvin Curling, former Liberal Member of Provincial Parliament, Canadian Ambassador to the Dominican Republic and Speaker of the Ontario Legislature.

I served as an MPP for 20 years, so therefore I understand the type of leadership that is required to keep our Party relevant while working in the best interest of Ontarians.  I’ve given a lot of thought as to whom is the best candidate to revitalize our party, provide us with the change that we need, lead us forward in this fight against Doug Ford’s Conservative government, and lead the province.

Mitzie Hunter, a sitting Member of Provincial Parliament, is the clear choice for me. I am supportive of her bid to be leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

The people of Ontario need change and our Provincial Party needs to change.

As a former Minister of Housing, I find Mitzie’s Affordable Housing policy to be precisely what we need.  Her policy demonstrates that she understands that housing must be affordable and is more than simply accommodations; it optimizes transit solutions, generates employment, and stimulates the economy. You should read what she has planned:

Mitzie wants to ensure that every Liberal candidate that will be participating in the 2022 election will have an opportunity to hear the voices of people right across this province. For that reason, she is very committed to having candidates in place by June 2021. I am very impressed that she is committed to knocking on 1 million doors by the 2022 election ensuring that everyone’s concerns will be heard.

I have known Mitzie for many years and I can confidently say that she has what we need to challenge and defeat the present government. The cuts to education, that have had devastating effects on students in this province, illustrate how direly we need to win in 2022. Mitzie served as the Minister of Education and Minister of Advanced Education and Skills where she listened to students, parents, and educators and implemented plans that helped build our education system to a world-class level. She is prepared to reverse many of the Conservative government’s cuts to get our education system functioning again at a world-class level.  Recently she introduced a new K-12 Education policy that will certainly empower our students and brighten the future of our province.

Mitzie retained her seat as MPP for Scarborough-Guildwood in the last election, demonstrating that she knows how to lead and how to win. She has a bold vision for our party and for Ontario.  Let us help her to make the vision a reality.

I’m with Mitzie! I hope you are too.


Alvin Curling


PS: Have you encouraged your family and friends to sign up for Mitzie’s email list? We need to hear their voices if we’re going to win in 2022.

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