Meet Mitzie

Mitzie hunter

“My vision is grounded on two principles: Affordability and Opportunity.”

Meet Mitzie

Mitzie Hunter is a visionary and a fearless contender – leading the charge to secure the trust of Ontario voters and set a plan for the future of this great province. She has defied the odds in every chapter of her life.

Mitzie is a leader with strong community roots that brings people together. She is the Canadian story that is the fabric of this nation. Mitzie grew up in Scarborough, Ontario – her family immigrated from Jamaica and built a life based on strong values: hard work, honesty, responsibility, consistency, decency commitment and most of all caring for the people of this province and country.

She is a child of the public education system which enabled her to pursue her post-secondary education at the University of Toronto and complete her MBA at Rotman School of Management. She values education and how it can change a person’s life for the better.

Through tenacity and determination, she started and successfully ran her own business during a recession. As a self starter, she understands entrepreneurship and what it takes to work hard, overcome barriers and be successful.

Mitzie is a fighter. She does not back down and keeps the issues that matter at the forefront, whether it’s for a better healthcare system or a cleaner environment. She fights for education for jobs, a strong Ontario economy, small businesses, for greater action on climate change, for seniors’ rights, for children and for all Ontarians.

Her biggest fight came in last year’s election where she showed that her hard-work, her experience and her record of fighting for the people of Ontario meant something to her Scarborough-Guildwood riding. Now she wants to rebuild the Liberal Party and lead it into a successful win in 2022.

Mitzie Hunter is the change we need.